Use The JOOS!

How do you use your JOOS Orange? We’d love to hear your stories and share them with other JOOS users!
While we can all think of a handful of things we use (or want to use) our JOOS Orange for, there’s always an idea we haven’t even thought of, but… someone else probably has! So we’ve created this page to let our customers share with others what they’re using their JOOS for. Is your JOOS mounted to your bicycle, do you stick it on the car dashboard to charge while you’re parked? How about attaching it to your motorcycle to power your GPS?
Over the next few weeks, you’ll begin seeing ideas pop up here and together as a community of JOOS users, we’ll share our stories with others. In the meantime, if you have a Use The JOOS suggestion you’d like to share, send your idea along with any photos you may have of your idea to and we may just include your idea in our new Use The JOOS section!
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