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CE, FCC Part 15 A+B
RoHS Compliant
Patents Pending


One year Limited Warranty on electronics and battery

Electrical Characteristics
Power Source Solar Voltaic Cell or a USB Connection
Microprocessor Based Yes
Self Consumption No Photovoltaic Power 100uW
Self Consumption Photovoltaic Power On 100mW
Efficiency at Peak Input Power 96%
Low Light Circuit Yes, from 0.002W to 0.23W a special circuit charges the battery
Dead Battery Circuit Yes
External Connector Female microUSB
Maximum PV Open Circuit Voltage 3V
Maximum PV Operational Voltage 3V
Maximum Solar Cell Wattage 18W
Maximum Input Current 6A
Maximum PV Power Point Management Yes
Maximum Open Circuit Charging Voltage 5V
Maximum Charging Voltage 5V, but more is possible by using a smart cable
Maximum Output Current 1.0A
Battery Charging Voltage (Minimum to Maximum) 3.0V to 4.2V
Battery Over Voltage Protection Yes
Battery Over Current Protection Yes
Battery Over Charge Protection Yes
Battery Over Discharge Protection Yes
Accepts charge from a USB Source Yes
Battery Charge Capacity and Photovoltaic Status See LED table below
Battery Health Yes, communicated to Web GUI and cell phone applets
External Interface Yes, management information is available via personal computer, using the Web GUI (GUI is available here) Also available in an iPhone/iPad applet
Photovoltaic System
Rated Power Peak Watts 2.4 – 2.6W without reflectors, 4.0W to 5.2W with reflectors (depending on latitude)
Type Mono-crystalline with Silicon Nitride anti-reflective coating
Maximum Current 5.06A
Maximum Power Voltage 0.514V
Maximum Short Circuit Current 5.38A
Maximum Open Circuit Voltage 0.618V
Battery System
Type Lithium-ion polymer technology
Capacity 20Wh – 5,400 mAh
Nominal Voltage 3.7V
Cycle Durability 1000 Cycles
User Replaceable Battery Yes
Physical Characteristics
Top Cover and Bottom Case Polycarbonate material with legs for solar orientation
PV Substrate Steel heat-sink
Security Hole Yes, through the steel substrate
Output Connector Female microUSB
Dimensions 218mm x 146.5mm x 20mm; 8.58″ x 5.77″ x 0.79″
Weight Approximately 24 ounces
Enclosure Rating NEMA 6P (waterpoof), high transmissivity, automotive grade urethane used to encapsulate the solar cell. Electronics are potted with RTV Silicone.
Optional Reflectors Yes, adds more power depending on latitude
Environmental Characteristics
Operating Temperature Minimum -20°C (-4°F)
Operating Temperature Maximum 60°C (140°F)
Storage Temperature Range -25°C to 65°C (-13°F to 149°F)
Humidity 100%
Safe to Ship/Use At Very High Altitudes Yes
LED State Blinks
PV Power Production
PV energy is very low; 0 to < 0.002W 0
PV energy is low; .002 =< 0.23W slow blink
battery is dead ¹ slow blink
maximum power point enabled; > 0.23W 7 to 9 quick blinks
Green LED
Battery Charge State:
shows when in PV or USB power production mode
Empty 0 (no blinks)
< 20% 1 quick blink
< 40% to 20% 2 quick blinks
< 60% to 40% 3 quick blinks
< 80% to 60% 4 quick blinks
< 100% to 80% 5 quick blinks
Charged Status: shows when charging a device microUSB A cable initially attached blink the battery state

Important: When the Orange battery is 100% full, no LED activity will show until you start to charge a device.

¹ The battery charge state is not shown in this mode