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Are you ready for the storm?

Menlo Park, CA.
With 2012’s Superstorm Sandy still fresh in the country’s mind, it’s no wonder that preparedness is a top priority for families and individuals nationwide. Solar JOOS recognized this essential requirement for not only feeling safe, but actually having the tools to accomplish powered security in a time of need.
Thousands of citizens lined up to charge cellphones on the streets of New York, New Jersey, and beyond; and those were the ones that could make it out of their apartments and houses. When the batteries were dead, they had no way to power their devices back up to usability.
Solar JOOS recognized this as an enormous problem, and already has the solution to give peace of mind.
The Solar JOOS Orange
The JOOS Orange is the most reliable, rugged and powerful personal solar charger on the market. Charging 3.5 times faster than any other for the same price, it will charge in low light, shade, rain, and even underwater.
When fortunately there is no emergency, the JOOS is a convenient way to make sure you don’t have to rely on outlets to charge your smartphones, cellphones, tablets, MP3 players, GPS devices, cameras and more. Boasting two hours of talk time for just one hour of charging, it’s a quick, efficient way to make sure you can keep in touch with family, friends, coworkers and anyone else that you need to contact.
Specifics and technology of the JOOS Orange:
The built-in high capacity battery allows for charging either through a USB port or with sunlight.
• Charge time: 12hours direct sunlight/8hours USB
• Internal 5400mAh Li-po battery holds a charge until you need it
• Battery charge and PV power indicator LEDs
• Dead battery circuitry allows direct charging even if the battery is completely drained
• Fold out legs facilitate optimal solar capture
• Internal circuitry tracks how much solar energy you’re capturing and lets you view it in real time with myJOOS application – available for Windows and MAC
• Dimensions: 8.6″X5.8″x0.8″
• Weight: 24oz
About SolarJOOS:
SolarJOOS has been featured on local and national news, and in magazines and publications worldwide. In August 2011, Fox News featured a hurricane preparedness review of the JOOS Orange demonstrating its durability and water resistance. Gizmodo and Wired Magazine gave the JOOS Orange high ratings calling it “the physical manifestation of simplicity. It’s rugged, easy to store and carry, and (most importantly) quick to bestow a watt or two whenever you need it.” U.S. Airways also featured the JOOS Orange on the cover of its magazine, touting it as one of the Top 12 Tech Tools.