Marine Corps veteran, Justin Mentzer, summits Mt. Kilimanjaro with the JOOS Orange

Marine Corps veteran, Justin Mentzer successfully summited Mount Kilimanjaro with his friends and the JOOS Orange portable solar charger. The JOOS proved to be the highlight of the trip, providing much needed power for Justin and his friends who needed to charge iPods, camera batteries, and other devices. Realizing the importance of the JOOS, four of Justin’s friends vowed to purchase their own when they got back to the states. Justin also got to experience how efficient the JOOS Orange is by seeing it charging in his tent just from the ambient light from the Sun shining through the tent fabric! Read his full story below:
JOOS Support,
First,thank you again for donating this unit to my cause. I was successful in summitting [sic] Mount Kilimanjaro and with the help of the JOOS, I was able to document the whole trip. As for the unit itself, this is my review. The primary purpose of using this unit was to be able to charge my lithium battery for my new Nikon AW100 camera. Since the battery has to be charged via a battery pack, outside the camera, I was unable to charge it. Thankfully, this happened during preparation before the trip. I was able to contact JOOS and they referred me to a universal lithium battery charger that was able to be overnighted to me from Amazon. On a side note, that universal charger is incredible. I am able to charge almost any lithium battery that exists. 
Going through security at the airport with the JOOS in my carry-on was an experience. I had to take the unit out (like a laptop) and place it on a tray by itself to be scanned. The security staff questioned me as to what the unit was to be used for. After a brief explanation, the security staff gave me a weird look andsent me on my way. On the airplane, I did not have a reason to use it but, many people were complaining on the 20 hour flight that their electronics were dying and had no way to charge them. They should have had a JOOS!
On the trail, the unit was almost flawless. I would place it in a mesh outer pocket of my daypack as we hiked and any time we stopped for lunch I would set it in the sun. At camp, I would usually leave the JOOS in the tent. To my amazement, it would still charge inside a four-season tent when the sun wasshining. I was able to fully charge my lithium camera battery, a couple of Iphones, and an Ipad. Most of these were from other climbers in our group. Everyone was so amazed by this unit that 4 of the climbers said they were going to purchase a JOOS as soon as they got back to the states. 
The durability of this unit is enough for active military units, if it was not white in color. I hiked through rain, sleet, snow and sub-freezing conditions and did not have a single performance issue with the unit. The only slight flaw I discovered was that it took a long time for this unit to fully charge. I am still experimenting with how long this can take. I will continue to use this unit on all adventurers and travel. Thanks JOOS I could not have done it with out you.
Justin Mentzer