SunEdison launches solar water pumps in India as more solar companies tailor their products to areas in need

solar-array-2Sun Edison recently launched a solar based water pump system in India to help farmers with irrigation in rural areas. The system is designed to increase crop yield by delivering reliable irrigation without dependence on expensive fuels or the rural area’s notoriously intermittent electrical power supply.
In the rural area of Tamil Nadu, for example, about half a million farmers are still awaiting power connection to irrigation pumps—an area SunEdison plans to focus on.
Living in the United States, we tend to take for granted the abundant sources of energy we have at our disposal, even though much of that energy still comes from non-renewable resources. When Solar Components designed the JOOS Orange personal solar charger, it did so to give hope to people in third world countries and to those without reliable power.
A single JOOS Orange can mean a world of difference for people in these countries where cell phones are the predominant means of communication, yet charging a cell phone requires a long walk or ride into the nearest town. People in these areas are now able to harness the power of the Sun to charge their cell phones without ever leaving their village.
You can help do your part to move off the grid by powering your own cell phone with a JOOS Orange. Over time, enough people switching to this renewable method of charging can reduce the strain on the grid and save money in the process, not to mention the convenience of being able to charge your phone wherever you are.
With 7.3 billion cell phones expected to be in operation by 2014, moving to a renewable means of charging them could save billions of dollars per year. In fact, to illustrate this point even further, according to LifeHacker magazine, the electricity used annually by the 170 million iPhone 5’s purchased in the next 12 months will be equivalent to powering all the homes in Cedar Rapids, Iowa for a year! You can pick up a JOOS Orange for yourself by visiting

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