Renewables provide 99% of all new U.S. electrical generating capacity in October

renewables-1694 megawatts of new electrical generating capacity was added last month, of which, 99.3% comes from renewable sources including 72.1% from solar energy. The remaining 5 megawatts came from oil.
Twelve new solar energy generation units were put in place to produce 504 megawatts of generating capacity, followed by four biomass units generating 124 megawatts and two wind energy generation units adding 66 megawatts to the grid.
So what does this mean for solar energy? It means we as a society are taking a more serious look at how beneficial harnessing power from the sun can be and how it can help us move away from non-renewable sources we’ve been dependent on for years.
Now not all of us have the financial resources to install a solar array on our homes or in our backyards but we can help do our part by charging our personal electronic items with renewable energy. The JOOS Orange is one way to cut our ties with non-renewables and start doing our part to charge “off-the-grid.”
Solar Components, the makers of the JOOS Orange are helping to make the switch even easier this holiday season by offering a special promotion on a bundle package consisting of the JOOS Orange, Reflector Kit, and Carrying Case. The bundle sells for $175 and is available exclusively at

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