Is your disaster preparedness kit ready?

Disaster Preparedness SurveyWhen Hurricane Sandy pummeled New York City last year, it left thousands of people without electricity. When Winter Storm Dion and Cleon hit Texas and the plains states just a couple weeks ago, the massive ice storm left hundreds of thousands without power in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.
One way to be prepared for these storms and the aftermath is to have an emergency preparedness plan in place. Your plan should include the obvious (food and water) but what about things like a radio, a flashlight, your cell phone, a 2-way radio, and so on? What about the batteries needed to power them, and a way to recharge the batteries when they run out?
You see, many people have a basic preparedness plan in place, but few people actually have all of the necessary items to get through the power outages and aftermath of a natural disaster.
One of the most commonly overlooked items are our electronics, batteries, and a way to recharge the batteries. A cell phone could be your only lifeline with the outside world but once your battery runs out, it’s worthless. Having a portable battery with a solar cell attached to it, like the JOOS Orange, is an easy, affordable, and resilient way to complete your disaster preparedness kit.
Right now at Solar Components, we have a very cool deal going on called the “JOOS Bundle” which includes the JOOS Orange portable solar charger and battery, our high-efficiency reflector panels, and a protective neoprene case to keep your JOOS and panels safely together and protected, all for only $175.
This is a limited time offer so be sure to take advantage of it today!

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