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Renewables provide 99% of all new U.S. electrical generating capacity in October

Renewables provide 99% of all new U.S. electrical generating capacity in October

renewables-1694 megawatts of new electrical generating capacity was added last month, of which, 99.3% comes from renewable sources including 72.1% from solar energy. The remaining 5 megawatts came from oil.
Twelve new solar energy generation units were put in place to produce 504 megawatts of generating capacity, followed by four biomass units generating 124 megawatts and two wind energy generation units adding 66 megawatts to the grid.
So what does this mean for solar energy? It means we as a society are taking a more serious look at how beneficial harnessing power from the sun can be and how it can help us move away from non-renewable sources we’ve been dependent on for years.
Now not all of us have the financial resources to install a solar array on our homes or in our backyards but we can help do our part by charging our personal electronic items with renewable energy. The JOOS Orange is one way to cut our ties with non-renewables and start doing our part to charge “off-the-grid.”
Solar Components, the makers of the JOOS Orange are helping to make the switch even easier this holiday season by offering a special promotion on a bundle package consisting of the JOOS Orange, Reflector Kit, and Carrying Case. The bundle sells for $175 and is available exclusively at

Devices like the JOOS Orange are the way of the future

Devices like the JOOS Orange are the way of the future

A high-efficiency solar cell like the one used on the JOOS Orange personal solar charger

A high-efficiency solar cell like the one used on the JOOS Orange personal solar charger

Alta Devices has announced that its mobile power technology produces up to 5 times more power from indoor light than other commercially available solar technologies. Solar technologies such as dye-sensitized, organic, and amorphous silicon help to achieve these low light energy gathering goals, a goal Solar Components has had for the JOOS Orange since its inception.
Using a patented low-light circuit, the JOOS Orange is able to harvest low light solar energy where other solar chargers fall short. In live demonstrations, the company has shown how the device even charges when placed under a 100 watt light bulb using indoor light, and in several online videos the JOOS can be seen performing well and charging in gloomy, overcast days.
When considering to purchase a solar charger, these are the things you must keep in mind. Will the solar charger efficiently charge your devices or will it not be able to harvest enough solar energy to do so? The JOOS Orange has a proven track record, a patented low-light circuit, and has received the highest accolades from companies including WIRED Magazine, Outdoor Life, and more. In 2011, the JOOS Orange won the Consumer Electronics Association’s ‘Best in Show’ category, beating out products from other large technology companies.
Pick up a JOOS Orange Bundle today for only $175 by going to The bundle includes the JOOS Orange, Neoprene Protective Case, and the PowerBoost Reflector panels.

SunEdison launches solar water pumps in India as more solar companies tailor their products to areas in need

SunEdison launches solar water pumps in India as more solar companies tailor their products to areas in need

solar-array-2Sun Edison recently launched a solar based water pump system in India to help farmers with irrigation in rural areas. The system is designed to increase crop yield by delivering reliable irrigation without dependence on expensive fuels or the rural area’s notoriously intermittent electrical power supply.
In the rural area of Tamil Nadu, for example, about half a million farmers are still awaiting power connection to irrigation pumps—an area SunEdison plans to focus on.
Living in the United States, we tend to take for granted the abundant sources of energy we have at our disposal, even though much of that energy still comes from non-renewable resources. When Solar Components designed the JOOS Orange personal solar charger, it did so to give hope to people in third world countries and to those without reliable power.
A single JOOS Orange can mean a world of difference for people in these countries where cell phones are the predominant means of communication, yet charging a cell phone requires a long walk or ride into the nearest town. People in these areas are now able to harness the power of the Sun to charge their cell phones without ever leaving their village.
You can help do your part to move off the grid by powering your own cell phone with a JOOS Orange. Over time, enough people switching to this renewable method of charging can reduce the strain on the grid and save money in the process, not to mention the convenience of being able to charge your phone wherever you are.
With 7.3 billion cell phones expected to be in operation by 2014, moving to a renewable means of charging them could save billions of dollars per year. In fact, to illustrate this point even further, according to LifeHacker magazine, the electricity used annually by the 170 million iPhone 5’s purchased in the next 12 months will be equivalent to powering all the homes in Cedar Rapids, Iowa for a year! You can pick up a JOOS Orange for yourself by visiting

Electricity used annually by the 170 million iPhone 5’s purchased in the next 12 months can power all the homes in Cedar Rapids, Iowa for a year

battery-renewable-2By 2014, it is expected that 7.3 billion cell phones will be in operation, guzzling up megawatts of precious energy resources and costing billions of dollars in the process. In fact, according to LifeHacker Magazine, the electricity used annually by the 170 million iPhone 5’s purchased over the next 12 months can power all the homes in Cedar rapids, Iowa for an entire year. That’s a lot of energy for such a large city with a population of more than 128,000.
Many people have taken steps to do their part by using personal solar chargers to power up their smart phones, iPads, and tablets. For $149, you can take the plunge to get off the grid by purchasing a JOOS Orange which many feel is the best personal charger on the market today.
Receiving numerous awards and accolades from the Consumer Electronics Association, WIRED Magazine, and others, the JOOS stands out from the crowd with its efficient monocrystalline solar cell, clean and minimalistic design, ease of operation, and of course its patented low-light circuitry, allowing the user to capture solar energy even in low light situations.

Are you ready for some (solar) football??

That’s right… many US stadiums are now harnessing power from the sun. While solar and alternative energy sources aren’t everywhere yet, fans, teams and event-goers are benefiting from installations around the country.
Here are some of the solar fields making rays nationwide:
FedExField – Landover, MD 

  • Largest solar installation in the metro D.C. area
  • More than 8k total solar panels generate 2MW of peak power installed in parking, stadium and ramp structures
  • 10 EV (electric vehicle) charging stations at the stadium
  • 30-foot statue of quarterback near the entrance lined with solar film known as “Solar Man”(TM)

MetLife Stadium – East Rutherford, NJ 

  • 1,350 solar panels combine to generate 25x power needed for the NRG Solar Ring (TM) LED lights
  • LED lights can display ANY color depending on teams/events
  • Second largest building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) panel installation in the US.
  • Solar installation created 10% covered seating

Patriot Place (@Gillette Stadium) – Foxboro, MA

  • 3,000+ standard and translucent solar panels
  • LED light atmosphere for a unique retail shopping experience for fans and visitors

Lincoln Financial Field – Philadelphia, PA 

  • 11,000+ solar panels with 3MW of peak power
  • Largest solar array in the Philly area
  • 14 micro-wind turbines

And coming in 2014:
Levi’s Stadium – San Francisco, CA

  • Planning for 400kW of solar power

The trend of stadiums extending the green beyond the turf is not only inspiring for the future of solar, but a great way to get the country focused on sustainable energy. We hope this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship between solar innovators and structures that never cease to give millions of fans a thrill.
Source for the solar statistics: NRG Solar

Are you ready for the storm?

Menlo Park, CA.
With 2012’s Superstorm Sandy still fresh in the country’s mind, it’s no wonder that preparedness is a top priority for families and individuals nationwide. Solar JOOS recognized this essential requirement for not only feeling safe, but actually having the tools to accomplish powered security in a time of need.
Thousands of citizens lined up to charge cellphones on the streets of New York, New Jersey, and beyond; and those were the ones that could make it out of their apartments and houses. When the batteries were dead, they had no way to power their devices back up to usability.
Solar JOOS recognized this as an enormous problem, and already has the solution to give peace of mind.
The Solar JOOS Orange
The JOOS Orange is the most reliable, rugged and powerful personal solar charger on the market. Charging 3.5 times faster than any other for the same price, it will charge in low light, shade, rain, and even underwater.
When fortunately there is no emergency, the JOOS is a convenient way to make sure you don’t have to rely on outlets to charge your smartphones, cellphones, tablets, MP3 players, GPS devices, cameras and more. Boasting two hours of talk time for just one hour of charging, it’s a quick, efficient way to make sure you can keep in touch with family, friends, coworkers and anyone else that you need to contact.
Specifics and technology of the JOOS Orange:
The built-in high capacity battery allows for charging either through a USB port or with sunlight.
• Charge time: 12hours direct sunlight/8hours USB
• Internal 5400mAh Li-po battery holds a charge until you need it
• Battery charge and PV power indicator LEDs
• Dead battery circuitry allows direct charging even if the battery is completely drained
• Fold out legs facilitate optimal solar capture
• Internal circuitry tracks how much solar energy you’re capturing and lets you view it in real time with myJOOS application – available for Windows and MAC
• Dimensions: 8.6″X5.8″x0.8″
• Weight: 24oz
About SolarJOOS:
SolarJOOS has been featured on local and national news, and in magazines and publications worldwide. In August 2011, Fox News featured a hurricane preparedness review of the JOOS Orange demonstrating its durability and water resistance. Gizmodo and Wired Magazine gave the JOOS Orange high ratings calling it “the physical manifestation of simplicity. It’s rugged, easy to store and carry, and (most importantly) quick to bestow a watt or two whenever you need it.” U.S. Airways also featured the JOOS Orange on the cover of its magazine, touting it as one of the Top 12 Tech Tools.

JOOS Orange goes to new heights!

Marine Corps veteran, Justin Mentzer successfully summited Mount Kilimanjaro with his friends and the JOOS Orange portable solar charger. The JOOS proved to be the highlight of the trip, providing much needed power for Justin and his friends who needed to charge iPods, camera batteries, and other devices. Realizing the importance of the JOOS, four of Justin’s friends vowed to purchase their own when they got back to the states. Justin also got to experience how efficient the JOOS Orange is by seeing it charging in his tent, with only the ambient light from the Sun shining through the tent fabric! Read his full story here…

JOOS blows away the competition… again

JOOS blows away the competition! The JOOS Orange was reviewed by WIRED magazine in February and it blew away the competition earning a 9/10 review along with the coveted “Editor’s Pick” award. As for the competition… they got 5/10 and 6/10 reviews, not even in the same league as the JOOS Orange.
Excerpt from the review:
“No need to handle this one gingerly. The Orange survived a biblical downpour, a one-story defenestration onto concrete, and use as a speed bump. (OK, we accidentally ran it over with a motorcycle.) It was also the fastest charger in our test, capable of bringing a dead iPhone back to 100 percent after less than an hour of direct sunlight.”  Read the article on WIRED.

Congratulations Lyn P. of Santa Fe, NM, for winning a free JOOS Orange unit!

Solar Components recently had a contest where customers sent in their personal stories of how the JOOS Orange solar charger has helped them in a unique situation. Hundreds of people submitted their story and the story that won the competition was that of Lyn P. of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Here’s her story:


Joos has become a vital part of the way we live in our free time. We camp, kayak, and boondock where there is no electricity. The fact that it is waterproof is very important for our kayaking trips.
We fell in love with Joos on our first trip using it! We were kayaking on the Kings River in Arkansas for a week. We piled everything we needed on our kayak with our Joos loaded on top to catch the sun as we paddled down the river. (It is hard to see in this picture.) It was indispensable. We have become dependent on our smartphones.They hold our ebooks, GPS, maps, and games (oh yeah, it’s a phone and email too).The batteries don’t last long. Joos charged up the phones quickly and recharged itself as we paddled.
On this trip, after 4 days on the river, we gouged a hole in the kayak. If we had not had Joos my phone would have been dead days ago. Without my phone we would not have been able to call for help. Luckily we were able to climb to the top of a hill and make a call. We only had to drag the kayak full of water 3 miles where the rescue was able to meet us.
We need the Joos for our juice.
Lyn P.


Order a JOOS Orange and get 6 FREE gaming tips to power your Sony PSP, Nintendo DX, Gameboy, etc. Be sure to enter promo code “HOLIDAY” during checkout to get your free tips! Good through December 31, 2011, or while supplies last.