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Congratulations Lyn P. of Santa Fe, NM, for winning a free JOOS Orange unit!

Solar Components recently had a contest where customers sent in their personal stories of how the JOOS Orange solar charger has helped them in a unique situation. Hundreds of people submitted their story and the story that won the competition was that of Lyn P. of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Here’s her story:


Joos has become a vital part of the way we live in our free time. We camp, kayak, and boondock where there is no electricity. The fact that it is waterproof is very important for our kayaking trips.
We fell in love with Joos on our first trip using it! We were kayaking on the Kings River in Arkansas for a week. We piled everything we needed on our kayak with our Joos loaded on top to catch the sun as we paddled down the river. (It is hard to see in this picture.) It was indispensable. We have become dependent on our smartphones.They hold our ebooks, GPS, maps, and games (oh yeah, it’s a phone and email too).The batteries don’t last long. Joos charged up the phones quickly and recharged itself as we paddled.
On this trip, after 4 days on the river, we gouged a hole in the kayak. If we had not had Joos my phone would have been dead days ago. Without my phone we would not have been able to call for help. Luckily we were able to climb to the top of a hill and make a call. We only had to drag the kayak full of water 3 miles where the rescue was able to meet us.
We need the Joos for our juice.
Lyn P.


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JOOS Orange Featured In Men's Health Tech Guide

JOOS Orange makes headlines, again!  Check us out on the cover of the Men’s Health Tech Guide in the December issue. The JOOS Orange was also featured in the Wall Street Journal’s holiday buying guide on Saturday, December 3rd! Read more here.

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