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CES Success!

We’re back from our first showing at the CES Vegas extravaganza!  Wow, what a trip!  We had a small, but we feel significant, presence in Booth 1035J in the North Hall, and our sleek Orange looked perfect in the CES Best of Innovations showcase for all to see …. So, with our friendly team (helped out for a day by Deanna – thanks Deanna), our shiny new  award proudly on display and our enthusiasm, we attracted a full crowd over four days.  Who didn’t want to know about solar?  Well, from government energy fact finders to off-grid solar aficionados, we spoke to everyone passing by, we met with buyers, distributors, makers, techies, reps, and of course had lots of press chit chat to pass on the word.
So now, with rested feet and full of energy, we’re back in San Jose catching up and getting ready for our next shipment of JOOS Orange units.  We’re at it with the most important job of all – getting solar energy out there!

JOOS Orange Customer Review

Hey folks!
I just received my Solar Joos an hour ago. I am so impressed! The sun was already setting here in Maryland, so I stuck it over a 40-watt lamp for about 15 minutes… It was already 53% charged when I hooked it up to my laptop to view the dashboard. The real test and the reason I bought the Solar Joos: to charge my iPad when I am working in villages in West Africa. I was half expecting to see a “this device is not supported” message when I plugged it into the iPad with the iPhone tip. Instead, the familiar sound of the iPad beginning to charge. In just 15 minutes, it had already charged the ipad from 74% to 80%. So this little thing really is going to work! I leave for Africa later this week, where there will be no lack of sun.
The only problem: everybody who sees it is going to want one. Thanks!
Paul Butler