Archive | December, 2010

JOOS Orange Customer Review

I just received an early Christmas gift and it was my ever so coveted Joos Orange. In a word it is Fabulous. Fabulous in it’s simplicity, fabulous in it’s build and fabulous in it’s design! It’s everything I had hoped!
One feature I truly appreciate about this device is that it does one thing, and it does this one thing very, very well. Obviously it was created to set the benchmark for all personal solar devices and I appreciate the fact it isn’t chock full of gimmicks and unnecessary distractions. My Grandfather used to say “If you’re going to do something, then do it right and do your best!” Apparently someone involved with Joos Orange received the same sage advice.
Never in my life have I contacted a manufacturer to say thanks for making something so great, never (and I’ve gotten some cool things over the years). But today is different, today is a first, today I say thank you for making something so great!
Kind Regards,
William Anderson